A Weekend Away At Grange St. Paul’s Hotel ~ London

I always look forward to a lovely weekend away with my hubby. Don’t get me wrong, I love family time with our girls, but every now and then, it is so nice for it to be just the two of us. Free to stroll around, hand in hand, taking in all the sights, I love it.

So for our recent getaway, we booked a weekend stay at the 5-star luxury Grange St. Paul’s hotel in London. The location of the hotel couldn’t have been better. It was practically next door to St. Paul’s Cathedral and actually next door to Café Rouge, which was also a bonus. The hotel was very modern, with several bars and restaurants, a luxury spa and a private health and fitness club. We didn’t have time to try many of the facilities available this time, as we had already made other plans, however I would definitely try the spa next time, as the treatments sounded amazing. The staff were friendly and polite and there seemed to be somebody there to help you, practically around every corner.

The hotel was fairly large, containing 433 bedrooms. Our bedroom was spacious with a large, comfy bed, nice bathroom and it was everything you would expect from a luxury hotel. Now, normally I like a room to be facing the bustling, café lined streets below, or overlooking a pyramid or at least a nice monument or something, but not on this occasion. Our room this time had a slightly different view. We were overlooking the atrium!  The atrium where the world and his wife walked through! Not only were we looking down onto the main centre of the hotel, we also had other bedrooms facing us and the glass lift stopped right outside our window! So naturally it goes without saying, we kept our curtains closed at all times, as I really didn’t want to see anything I shouldn’t from the bedrooms opposite. This could prove to be slightly embarrassing while queuing up for our sausage and eggs at breakfast. So that was the end of our greatly anticipated view, the view I would have liked anyway.

Now that aside, the rest of the hotel was lovely. Once we had checked in, unpacked our suitcase and drawn the curtains, off we went to explore the rest of the hotel. The rooftop garden was lovely and there was a fabulous view of St. Paul’s and the Shard, unfortunately the weather wasn’t so great, so spending a great deal of time up there was out of the question on this occasion. Down in the atrium, however, the colourful horses looked stunning and the Edelweiss (self-playing) piano, gave everything a lovely atmosphere. The bar was pretty good too, with a good choice of cocktails to choose from.

One of my favourite things when staying in a hotel, is the breakfast. I can’t wait to be seated at our table and go and investigate the morning’s offerings. I was definitely not disappointed with the choice and quality of the breakfast at Grange St. Paul’s. There was a good display of most items and I certainly didn’t go hungry.

So that’s it, a round-up of our hotel stay. Would I stay at Grange St. Paul’s hotel again? Yes I would, however next time I will definitely be asking for a room with a somewhat different view.

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