30 Bucket List Goals

One of the questions I seem to get asked quite a lot is ‘Have you done a bucket list?’ and up until now, my answer has always been ‘No, not yet. Have you?’ The person in question would then proceed in telling me all the things they would like to do or achieve and I would nod in all the right places, thinking how quickly the years are going by and how I haven’t thought about future goals, aspirations or destinations to put on my own bucket list.

Where would I start? Not only do I need to consider the financial side of things, I also need to find the time to actually complete the list set for myself. Juggling family and work commitments and with so many fabulous places to visit, delicious foods to eat and aspirations to fulfil, is my bucket list really achievable?

I’d like to think, yes definitely and with careful planning and preparation, there’s no reason why I can’t achieve nearly all, if not all, of the things on my list. With this positive thought in mind and in the excitement of gradually obtaining my goals, I have reached to the far depths of my brain (okay, just had a good think) and have come up with my very own bucket list. And I just so happen to be going to some of the places on my bucket list this year! So the next time I get asked ‘Have you done a bucket list?’, I can confidently say ‘Yes absolutely, I’m already ticking it off.’

1. Visit and explore Sicily

2. See the Northern Lights

3. Go on a helicopter ride

4. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant

5. See giant turtles on the Cayman Islands

6. Have afternoon tea at Claridge’s

7. Write a book

8. Learn a new language

9. Go on a Caribbean cruise

10. Join or start a book club

11. Attend a masquerade ball

12. Learn to Salsa

13. Run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (iconic scene from Rocky)

14. Have photo taken next to the bronze statue of Rocky in Philadelphia

15. Go to the Maldives

16. Take a creative cooking class

17. Ride in a hot air balloon

18. Attend a film premiere

19. Attend a murder mystery dinner

20. Ride in a gondola in Venice

21. Go to a book signing event

22. Go on a wine tasting tour

23. Be part of a flash mob

24. Make my own signature perfume

25. Go on a Jack the Ripper walking tour

26. Go on a chocolate tasting tour

27. Go on the Orient Express

28. Visit and explore Rome

29. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa

30. Explore Iceland

These are some of my goals that I would like to experience or achieve. Have you thought about doing your own bucket list? If so, what’s on your list?

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